Following Sun, Moon & MasterBirds

Sounddex from jtwine spacedoutscreen1
Jurgen has new sound works – just follow the sound and sight of one screen flickering.
The second image on his post looks like the I Ching, alas one line too many (7 instead of 6) – that is jtwine’s psychic and spiritual line drawing.

I have created bird singing (the real deal) in my garden videos for the silent twitterer whose only sound they make is by their 10 fingers. (Follow Milawaukee, follow Osaka) The twitter sounds authoritarian, a few goes to extreme of refusing to follow. The diamond heist artist follows only 10 institutions.
He twittered,

Sorry my mind has been spinning for a few months and I’m getting butterflies thinking about the auction.

The I Ching 17 is SUI the following.

Sui indicates that you should lead by example rather than just telling everyone what to do.

Get off your office chair and take a deep breath. Follow and listen to Master Birds, turn up the sound.
Masterbird on Octillo
Birds sing for Moon –
Blind following is evil – the independent minded and enlightened people hate following and followers. However, it is good to follow certain instructions – like follow the signs to the bathroom, otherwise you might get arrested for being a pervert.