Cancer Village In China

A worker hauls phone casings on a tricycle. Despite the dangers it presents, the e-waste business in Guiyu continues to thrive.
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Shangba, China’s Village of Death

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A boy plays outside his home in in Xi Di Tou near the costal city of Tianjin. Villagers say the pollution emitted by chemical factories is causing cancer. Government figures show that 300 million people regularly drink polluted water and the effects are clear in the cancer village of Xiditou, near the port city of Tianjin, south-east of Beijing.
The Tianjin health authority admits that its cancer rate is 30 times the national average, a figure blamed on water and air contaminated by a rash of chemical factories.

A map of Cancer villages in China..

China’s “Cancer Villages” Pay Heavy Price for Economic Progress (Commondreams)