Alain Corneau

Happy Birthday alaincorneau Alain Corneau.

Originally a musician, he worked with Costa-Gavras as an assistant, which was also his first opportunity to work with actor Yves Montand, with whom he would collaborate three times later in his career, including Police Python 357 (1976) and La Menace (1977). (Wiki – needs to be updated)

Alain Corneau’s retrospective is long overdue.

These are some of his films available on Netflix and video store in USA.
Some trailers –
He is the director of Tous Les Matin du Monde – his most famous film that Ingmar Bergman loved. Late Guillaum Depardieu plays cello here. (Obit for Guillaum Depardieu here)

Unforgettable Fear & Trembling with Sylvie Testud – all my friends love this film.

Lumiere & Company – many directors contributed to this project (previously Claude Miller).

Update: R I.P Alain Corneau 7 August 1943; died Paris 30 August 2010.