Christian Boltanski – Grand Palais

  • Christian Boltanski: It’s a jumble out there
    Christian Boltanski has filled Paris’s Grand Palais with a 50-tonne mountain of clothes, and the sound of 15,000 heartbeats. Adrian Searle is mesmerised

    Boltanski, one of France’s leading artists, is compiling an ¬≠archive of heartbeats that he intends to be housed, eventually, on a remote and inaccessible Japanese island. He has ¬≠already collected over 15,000 ¬≠individual recordings. One day, these beating hearts will all belong to the dead. If Boltanski’s art endures, one might also imagine that the visitors who make it to the island in the future have yet to be born.

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  • Gymnasium Chases (Crown Point Press) a portfolio of photogravures by French artist Christian Boltanski, is based on a photograph of the 1931 graduating class of the Gymnasium Chases, a Jewish High School in Vienna. Although Boltanski has employed many of these portraits in altar-like installations, this is the first time the class is presented in its entirety.