The Chelsea Hotel Manifesto 2011

  • Many thanks to Susan Tamanny blueshoes
    for sending her curious and talented blue shoes to Yves Kline.

    Yves Klineblueshoes Klein
    interviewed by blue shoes at Chelsea Hotel (photo collage by Fung Lin Hall)

    Yves Klein the Chelsea Hotel Manifesto

    It is necessary to create and recreate a constant physical fluidity in order to receive the grace which allows a positive creativity of the void.

    Leap to the void animation

  • A portrait Mark&Velasquez of Philip IV by Velázquez and Mark Z. (Photo collage by Toni Dalton)

    Two Illusionists by John Haber

    The portrait of Philip IV of Spain, one of at least nine by Diego Velázquez, anchored Velázquez in New York museums here a decade ago. Now one can appreciate the distinctions between Philip’s red hair, red coat, and warm shadows on the wall—or the silvery embroidery, an illusion created entirely by dabs of white.

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  • Pacman
    Videogame Appropriation Contemporary Art Pac Man

    Like many 8-bit characters Pac-Man is well represented in street art and design. For example the American street artist Katie Sokoler staged a real Pac-Man game in her quarters.

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