Pina by Wim Wenders

Wim Wim-Wenders-with-Pina-Bau-002 and Pina

Happy birthday Wim Wenders!

What I saw there, moved me deeply.
I troubled me, amazed me, but most of all: it concerned me.
What I had thought impossible – in the context of dance –
had happened!
This spoke to me in a very powerful way.

When the piece was over,
– it only lasted 40 minutes,
but it felt like I had visited a whole universe –
I realized that this (unknown) woman Pina Bausch
had shown me more about men and women
then the entire history of cinema had.
And all that without a word,
with nothing but movement, body language and dancing.
I might be exaggerating a bit,
and the history of cinema has a lot to offer
about the relations between men and women,
but that’s how it felt: mind-blowing.

Wim Wenders speaks about her death (Youtube)