Happy Dragon New Year

Happy birthday Jim Jarmusch. Jan 22, 1953. he is a Water Dragon.

Some trivia from (IMDB )

  • Once almost died from eating wild mushrooms, which resulted in an interest in the study of mushroom.
  • Father worked at the Goodrich tire plant in Akron, Ohio. Mother reviewed films for the Akron Beacon Journal.
  • Although Broken Flowers (2005) came out after Lost in Translation (2003), Jarmusch wrote the script exclusively for Bill Murray before Sofia Coppola.
  • (via)

    On why Jim Jarmusch dedicated “Broken Flowers” to Jean Eustache.

    There’s something in him that I want to carry in myself: making a film the way you choose to make it, true to yourself without being concerned with the marketplace or anyone’s expectations – just the pure spirit of wanting to express something in your own style. That’s very important to me.(via)

    Jim Jarmusch is working on a new film – a vampire movie no less! – featuring Tilda Swinton, Mia Wasikowska and John Hurt, to be shot in Germany, Morocco and Detroit in early 2012. (wiki)

    What happend to his Nikola Tesla Opera?

    Music sucks in 99% of commercial films.. in complete agreement here with Jim Jarmusch on(Youtube)

    (Repost – his Mitchum stories are too funny.)

    Thunder Road Robert Mitchum..

    J.J. in Bored to death

    A quote from J.J..

    The beauty of life is in small details, not in big events.

    Ozu Yasujiro (Jim visited his grave in Japan)

    Not dead, no broken flowers, no stranger in paradise.. mystery train? maybe..
    definetely coffee and cigarattes..and let’s spend a night on earth driving taxis all over the world.

    Jan 22 birthday people
    Antonio Gramasci