Robert Hughes R.I.P

The Shock of the New (via Ubu)

‘He will be greatly missed’: art critic Robert Hughes dies in New York, aged 74

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Adam Gopnik (wonderful tribute -NewYorker)

What he really detested was mannerism, in all its guises, whether the mannerism was the Italian kind that had to be cured by Caravaggio or of the postmodern kind that had yet to be cured at all. If this left him blind to the virtues that mannerism may contain—elliptical thought, the tangle of reference, stylishness—well, who would not want to be in a minority clamoring for truth and passion in a mannerist age?

Christopher DeLaurenti

will always be grateful, warily, for the blustery yet brilliant arrogance of Robert Hughes; though he clearly abhorred most contemporary (esp. post-modernist) art, his magisterial TV series “The Shock of the New” abounded with gems, such as “One of the effects of today’s museums – with their lovely white walls and their feeling of a perpetual present – is to make art seem newer than it actually is.”

Germaine Greer Note to Robert Hughes: Bob, dear, Damien Hirst is just one of many artists you don’t get

  • The Fatal Shore – The Fatal Shore is the prize-winning, scholarly, brilliantly entertaining narrative that has given its true history to Australia.

    His memoir – Things I didn’t know

    Robert Hughes on Mies van der Rohe – Vision of Space (Youtube)


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