Aaron Swartz – Death of an Internet Prodigy

  • Update: Lessig remembers Aaron – An incredible soul (Democracy Now, Amy Goodman)

    Tech bloggers pay tributes to Aaron

    My Aaron Swartz, whom I loved. Quinn said

    He read to me and Ada compulsively; he read me a whole David Foster Wallace book. He read Robert Caro to me, countless articles, blog posts, snippets of books. Sometimes, he would call, just read, and hang up. He loved the Very Persistent Gappers of Frip, and the three of us read it together many times. We loved George Saunders. We loved so many things together.

  • Iternet prodigy, activist Aaron Swartz commits suicide

    The world is robbed of a half-century of all the things we can’t even imagine Aaron would have accomplished with the remainder of his life.
    Aaron Swartz committed suicide Friday in New York. He was 26 years old.

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    Prosecutor as Bully by Lessig

    For remember, we live in a world where the architects of the financial crisis regularly dine at the White House — and where even those brought to “justice” never even have to admit any wrongdoing, let alone be labeled “felons.”
    In that world, the question this government needs to answer is why it was so necessary that Aaron Swartz be labeled a “felon.”

    How we stopped SOPA – (Aaron on video talking as an activist – via Boing Boing)

  • See Aaaron in bike helmet mask…(Slacsktory)

    Aaron on depression Very SICK

    A Tribute to Aaron (Commondreams) – An Inspiring Heroism (UK Glenn Greenwald