Once Upon a Time in China – Agnes Varda

Agnes Varda photography – China

In 1957, the People’s Republic of China was not yet recognized by the United Nations, and was closed to most foreigners.

As beautiful as little cats.

I felt very honored to be part of the French group invited to bring their experiences from different backgrounds to the young People’s Republic. I was determined to do the best job possible as a photographer. There was so much to discover—everything.

  • Photo by Agnes Varda

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  • Peking Opera Blues directed by Tsui Hark – Full film.. (you can watch on youtube..)

    Peking Opera Blues

    The movie combines comedy, Hong Kong action, and serious drama with scenes involving Peking Opera. Director Tsui Hark described the film as a satire on the “Chinese ignorance of democracy.” [1] The film was nominated for six awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards including Best Actress.

  • Tsui Hark Hong Kong filmmaker/producer. was born on Feb 15.
    Born in Vietnam, moved to Hong Kong at the age of fourteen. Studied film at the University of Texas at Austin.