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Easter Parade – Cosutmes by Picasso, Mike Kelley & JTWine

Thursday, March 28th, 2013
  • Parade wiki

    In 1917 Guillaume Apollinare first coined the word Surrealism in the program notes for the ballet Parade; partly reproduced here.
    It was an extraordinary gathering of enormous talents with the set, curtain and costumes by Pablo Picasso (these pictures seldom seen and never published)

    The scenario was by Jean Cocteau; and the score by Erik Satie.

    picture via

    Collaboration with Erik Satie and Jean Cocteau (youtube)

    More image from Flickr

  • Click to see large
    Click to see large

    Paperware. (4 images here) by JTWine full body armor
    selected images from the paper wear clothes line: shopping bags, color sheets & safety pins; posing in hat-masks, bibs, loin cloth, skirts and ties, 2003-2005, with Silvia Nonenmacher

    Jurgen Trautwein NOW – (Jtwine blog)

  • Mike Kelley (many fabulous images from Contemporary Art Daily)

    Dance from Tearoom

  • Paper man (Oscar award winning animated short)

  • Underwear and Unicorn Body Suit – Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Rebbeca Horn

    Sunday, March 24th, 2013
  • I didn’t get much sleep last night
    thinking about underwear
    Have you ever stopped to consider
    underwear in the abstract
    When you really dig into it
    some shocking problems are raised
    Underwear is something
    we all have to deal with
    Everyone wears
    some kind of underwear
    The Pope wears underwear I hope
    The Governor of Louisiana
    wears underwear
    I saw him on TV
    He must have had tight underwear
    He squirmed a lot (excerpt from Poetry Foundation)

    Happy birthday Lawrence Ferlinghetti!
    Photo by Elsa Dorfman

  • See his paintings

    Lawrence as the statue of liberty

    Pity thy Nation (youtube reading)

  • Rebecca Horn Photo by Evelyn Hofer

    Her birthday too.. (see previous post – the upside down Piano etc).
    Concert for Anarchy

    Rebecca Horn was born March 24, 1944, in Michelstadt, Germany. As a young girl, Horn read Johann Valentin Andreae’s Die chymische Hochzeit des Christian Rosenkreutz and Raymond Roussel’s Locus Solus, which cultivated the artist’s interest in alchemy, Surrealist machines, and the absurd.

    Chinua Achebe – Literature was His Weapon

    Friday, March 22nd, 2013

    “To me, being an intellectual doesn’t mean knowing about intellectual issues; it means taking pleasure in them.”
    ― Chinua Achebe

    “The white man is very clever. He came quietly and peaceably with his religion. We were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers, and our clan can no longer act like one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart.”
    ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

    There was a country (via)

    Novelist Chinua Achebe dies he was 82.

    Nigerian author recognised for key role in developing African literature has died in Boston, where he was working as a professor

  • Novelist Poet in Pictures (slideshow)

    The impatient idealist says: “Give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth.” But such a place does not exist. We all have to stand on the earth itself and go with her at her pace.’ Chinua Achebe

  • Read his bio from his wiki.

    Paris Review -Interview

    Nigerian author Chinua Achebe talks about slavery,colonialism, Africa and the African diaspora. (youtube)

    Bill Moyers’ interview (youtube)

    Update: Achebe was a staunch partisan of the Palestine struggle and helped cultural institutions in Palestine. (via Ana Valdez)

    Latin America Art 2013 – Order, Chaos & the Space Between

    Saturday, March 16th, 2013
  • Via
    Jorge Macchi – Buenos Aires, Argentina (his homepage)

  • Victor Grippo (10 May 1936– February 2002) was an Argentine painter, engraver and sculptor, considered the father of conceptual art in Argentina.


    Van Gogh & Victor Grippo

  • Ana Mendieta
    A work from Mendieta’s “Silueta” series

    Naked Window Fatal Marriage of Ana Mendieta and Carl Andre

    (Hollis Frampton worked with Carl Andre )

  • Salcedo

    Doris Salcedo

    Salcedo at Tate (Shiboleth)

    Salcedo at Art 21

  • Carlos Amorales

    Carlos Amorales Mexico CIty
    Black Cloud – Black Paper Moths

    Order, Chaos & the Space Between Phoenix Art Museum (Feb 6 – May 5)

    It will include more than 50 works from across Latin America, by artists including Gego, Félix Gonzalez-Torres, Matthias Goeritz, Jorge Macchi, Hélio Oiticica, and Doris Salcedo, as well as other many other innovative artists whose works figure prominently in today’s global contemporary art scene.

    Beginning in 1995, Diane and Bruce Halle, longtime Phoenix residents and supporters of Phoenix Art Museum, began collecting the art of Latin America as a way to both educate themselves in this area and to build greater awareness of this historically undervalued and overlooked region in the art world.


    Artbook here

  • UNstabile-Mobile

    Installation of historical documents and vinyl text, framed New Yorker magazine and Calder like sculptural model of Iraqi oilfields on custom made platform with zenithal light.

    Alessandro Yazbeck Venezuela

    Hollis Frampton – Poetic Digital Justice

    Monday, March 11th, 2013
  • Poetic justice

  • Hollis Frampton was born on March 11, 1936 who was an American avant-garde filmmaker, photographer, writer/theoretician, and pioneer of digital art.


    We propose another, radically different morphology … one that views film, not from the outside, as a product to be consumed, but from the inside, as a dynamically evolving organic code directly responsive and responsible, like every other code, to the supreme mediator: consciousness.

    Image via (nostalgia)

    Image via

    (nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton 1/4

    Harvard film archive

    Mysterious woman in white. (His wife who could not be reached)

    Resurrection of Hollis Frampton (youtube – text on green screen)

    Interview Hollis Frampton (Chicago 1978) (38 min long)

    More images scroll down

    Eccentric Filmmakers – Kaurismaki & Waters

    Saturday, March 9th, 2013
  • Le Havre trailer (Aki has no hope for the humankind so he makes a delightful film full of hope and goodness)

    Aki’s loving tribute to Ozu Yasujiro (youtube – a great video)
    (Ozu Yasujiro Archive here)

    His top ten films (Saw Casque d’Or recently becuase of his recommendation)

    Seven rounds with Aki Kaurismäki via Guardian

    He thinks his own films are dreadful, Scorsese’s worse, and despairs of mankind in general. Director Aki Kaurismäki on why only love, mushrooms and drinking on set keep him going

    Image via

  • Despite report John Water not dead..

    A website called National Report published a would-be obituary for Waters on Wednesday, with the headline: “Acclaimed Cult Filmmaker, John Waters … Drops Dead at 67!”

    It’s Alive (youtube)

  • Pier Paulo Pasolini Speaks, Draws & Paints

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2013
  • 1canterbury_chaucer
    Pasolini as Chaucer from Canterbury Tales.

    March 5, 1922 – birthday of Pier Paolo Pasolini

  • Pasolini Speaks

    Pier Paolo Pasolini is without question one of the most controversial filmmakers who ever lived. He is also among the most fascinating. He brought rigorous social and artistic philosophies to every project he embarked on, and boldly voiced beliefs that provoked consternation in others.

    Arts Martyr the Drawings and Paintings of Pier Paulo Pasolini

    Pier Paolo Pasolini: Portraits, Self Portraits at Location One in Soho is timed to coincide with the Pasolini film retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art (December 13, 2012-January 5, 2013). The forty drawings and paintings on display present a crucial if little-known aspect of the artist’s multifaceted genius, but its pleasures are not reserved solely for the Pasolini-obsessed.

    Anne W worked with Pasolini in Theorema.

    Pasolini’s Legacy of a Sprawl of Brutality

    Films of Paulo Pier Pasonlini at MoMa

  • Image by Zilda

  • Pierre Clementi directed by Pasolini – Pigsty.

    Posted by Fung-Lin Hall on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

  • Giotto’s Dream (Previous post)

  • R.I. P Thomas McEvilley – Art & Otherness

    Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

    Thomas_McEvilley was an American art critic, poet, novelist and scholar, who was a distinguisted lecturer in art history at Rice University [1] and founder and former chair of the Department of Art Criticism and Writing at the School of Visual Arts in New York City
    Thomas McEvilley studied Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, and classical philosophy.

    Thomas McEvilley (born 1939, Cincinnati, Ohio – died March 2 2013)
    Photo via

  • Art and Otherness

    Directly following the internationally acclaimed Art & Discontent, Thomas McEvilley argues in Art & Otherness for an advanced anthropological perspective that contravenes conventional thinking in the visual arts, and leads to a concept of artistic globalization.

  • Yves Klein the Provocateur and Pat Steir

  • 17 ancient poems (Jacket)

  • 14 Poems read by Thomas McEvilley (vimeo)