The Great Beauty in the House – Francois Ozon and Paulo Sorrentino

  • Francois Ozon won the scriptwriting award at the European Film Festivals

  • Francois Ozon FracoisOzon

    Francois Ozon on “In the House”

    I was particularly struck by the teacher-student relationship when I saw the play. We root for both the teacher and the student. Both points of view are presented, by turns. Usually students learn from their teachers, but here, the learning goes both ways. And the back-and-forth between reality and writing lends itself to a playful reflection on storytelling and the imagination. These somewhat theoretical questions are really brought to life in the play. The Germain-Claude relationship represents the essential partnership in any creative endeavor: the editor and the writer, the producer and the director, even the reader and the writer or the audience and the director. When I read the play, I saw a chance to speak indirectly about my work, the cinema, inspiration and its sources, what it is to create, what it is to be an audience.

    Kristin Scott Thomas
    I found it funny and light, yet not superficial. It poses questions, makes you think about the roles of teachers and students, about art, and about our obsession with reality shows.

  • Beautytoni-servillo-

    Toni Servillo plays a journalist.

    Paulo Sorrentino won the best director and Toni Servillo won the best actor at European Film Festival.

  • I saw both “The Great Beauty” and “In the House” recently. Ozon assembled great cast and delivered a very provactive and an entertaining film.

    Paulo Sorrentino has worked with Sean Penn in This Must Be the Place.
    Paul Sorrentino’s style is a mixture of Fellini and Peter Greenaway, very extravagant and operatic. The film pays a tribute to La Dolci Vita.

  • Catherine Deneuve won a lifetime achievement award.
    Here she is as Tristana.