Goodbye Mr. Peter O’Toole

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  • R.I.P Peter O’Toole
    Peter with Philippe Noiret and Siân Phillips.

    Murphy’s War MW_dvd_cover

    Philippe Noiret and Peter O’Toole were wonderful in Murphy’s War directed by Peter Yates.

  • Some trivia –
    Albert Finney was picked to play Lawrence of Arabia.. Finney tired and quit. He did not want to spend the time in the desert.
    Peter wrote a book, not much about acting.. he wrote about his wartime experience.. Loitering with intent

    Amazingly, this second volume of Peter O’Toole’s memoirs (the first was Loitering with Intent: The Child, published in March 1995) covers only three years of the actor’s life; even more amazingly, it’s a wonderful read. If he hadn’t been such a prodigiously gifted actor, O’Toole could have made it as a writer. His prose is discursive, freewheeling, multilayered, and fairly bursting with exuberant vitality. Loitering with Intent: The Apprentice covers O’Toole’s years in the early 1950s at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where he studied his craft, hobnobbed with fellow students (including Albert Finney, with whom he formed a lifelong friendship), and made rakish, footloose excursions around London. It’s hard to say whether he had more fun in the living of it or the retelling, but both are a pleasure for the reader to behold.

    Peter O’Toole in
    Isabelle Eberhardt biopic.

  • R.I.P Peter O’Toole (via Gurdian)