R.I.P Mary Ellen Mark – Photojournalist – March 20, 1940 – May 25, 2015

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    (Legendary street photojournalist and LAMPP participant Mary Ellen Mark, in her SoHo studio/library on Halloween 1991. Copyright © Paul Waldman 2015. All rights reserved.)
    Photo of Mary Ellen Mark by Paul Waldman

  • March 20, 1940 – May 25, 2015 (Time Obit here )

  • Mary Ellen Mark 801B-004-01XMARY ELLEN MARK After the Deluge

    The American photographer produced some of the most “delicately shaded studies of vulnerability ever set on film”

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    Mary Ellen Mark: There is nothing more extraordinary than reality (hear her speak on youtube)

  • Legenday Philadelphia Photographer Mary Ellen Mark dies.

    Mary Ellen Mark, an artist known for her incredible humanist photography, passed away Monday in New York City. A rep confirmed the news Tuesday morning. She was 75.

  • Mark is survived by her husband, filmmaker Martin Bell, who directed the documentary “Streetwise” based on her images.


    An example of Mary Ellen Mark’s passion for capturing the struggles of ordinary people is her 1983 photo Lillie with Her Rag Doll, which is part of the Streetwise photo essay. This photo shows the hopelessness that runaway children often feel and their fears as well as hopes of a better life. In this photo she is dressed in rags and has a cigarette in her mouth.


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    by May Ellen Mark

    1969 East Village ‘

    Mary Ellen Mark on Diane Arbus

    I love her photographs, I do not try to make my photographs look like them. I don’t think my photographs look anything like hers. The only similarity is perhaps that both of us were fascinated by people who are marginal. I think her photographs are graphically very different; they are more direct, but that she is a distant observer. My photographs are more emotional and perhaps less graphically direct. But I repeat, I think she was a great photographer. When people compare us, they do it because we’re both women.

    See more photos and read the interview here.