R.I.P Franco Citti & Ettore Scola + Vittorio Gassman in La Famiglia & We All Love Each Other so much

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    Franco Citti

    Franco Citti dies at 80 .

    Citti, known internationally for his role as Calò in Francis Ford Coppola’s the Godfather I and III and as the face of films by director Pier Paolo Pasolini, came to fame at the age of 26 playing the title role in Pasolini’s 1961 Accattone. He continued to work with the legendary director throughout the 60s and 70s, appearing in films such as Mamma Roma, Edipo Re, Pigsty and The Decameron.

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    Ettore Scola dies at 84

    the family in French

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    We all love each other so much

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    Ettore Scola, Italian Film Director of Satire and Farce, Dies at 84

    The closest any of his films came to being autobiographical was “The Family” (1987), which instructs moviegoers in 80 years of European history from the vantage point of an apartment that housed five generations of a clan whose story is recounted by a retired professor, its last patriarch.

    “It was like a big tribe composed of people who didn’t really know each other very well but respected the rules that bound them together,” Mr. Scola recalled of his own family. “The house was like a place filled with mirrors but no windows — you looked at each other but not at the world outside.”