On this day Aug 29, Birthday of Bird & Dinah W. + Sad Goodbye to Gene Wilder

  • 1aGenewilder
    Sad news – Gene Wilder passed away.

    Prison scene from Stir Crazy (youtube)

    Interview – Gene Wilder getting personal (youtube)

  • Cary Grant stopping Gene Wilder to talk about Silver Streak – (via Sheila’s Variation)

    Oh, Mr. Wilder! … Mr. Wilder!” I turned and saw Cary Grant stepping out of the taxi. My heart started pounding a little faster, but I didn’t throw up this time, as I did when I met Simone Signoret.
    Cary took his daughter to see Silver Streak.. and he saw the film again.
    Tell me something, will you?”
    “Of course.”
    “Was your film in any way inspired by North by Northwest?”
    “Absolutely! Collin Higgins, who wrote the film, loved North by Northwest. It was one of his favorites. I think he was trying to do his version of it.”
    “I thought so,” Mr. Grant said. “It never fails! You take an ordinary chap like you or me … (An ordinary chap like you or me? Didn’t he ever see a Cary Grant movie?) … put him in trouble way over his head, and then watch him try to squirm out of it. Never fails!”

  • 1acharliePD

    Aug 29 – birthday of Charlie Parker and Dinah Washington
    Photo by Herman Leonard
    1949 for charlie 1955 for Dinah


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