Jim Jarmusch is for Mystery & Beauty – 2020

  • Jim Jarmusch Interiew July – 2019

    Jim Jarmusch: ‘I’m for the survival of beauty. I’m for the mystery of life’


    As a film-maker, Jarmusch likes to make movies about the world’s little details; about drifters and seekers and the rambling detours that add up to a life. It’s an area of interest that has served him well, from 1984’s meandering, monochrome Stranger Than Paradise through to 2016’s soulful, meditative Paterson. But it’s hard to focus on the small pictures when the big one is so scary: when a river is burning or the whole planet’s aflame.

  • Tigrero a film that was never made
    More on Sam Fuller here (see a photo of them talking)

  • 1ablanchett
    Coffee and Cigarettes – Cate Blanchet in two roles.

  • 1asamdriverPaterson

    “Nagase from Mystery Train reuninted with Jim Jarmusch in Paterson)

    My journey from Marine to actor | Adam Driver (see youtube)

  • 1anmasatoshinagase
    Mystery Train – Jim Jarmusch

    (Tilda Swinton in Broken Flowers)

    On why Jim Jarmusch dedicated “Broken Flowers” to Jean Eustache.

    There’s something in him that I want to carry in myself: making a film the way you choose to make it, true to yourself without being concerned with the marketplace or anyone’s expectations – just the pure spirit of wanting to express something in your own style. That’s very important to me.(via)

    Aaron Brookner (Howard’s nephew) and Jim Jarmusch at the Burroughs’ bunker.


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