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The Photographer George Nobechi

Saturday, April 30th, 2022
  • George Nobechi – CV

    George Nobechi is a photographer whose work focuses on disconnection, duality and longing. As a bicultural Japanese/Canadian he is simultaneously an insider and outsider in Eastern and Western cultures and it is this “intimate distance” and space in between two cultures that is the unifying thread of his work.

  • See more here George Nobechi – Lens Culture

  • Ukrainian Actor Aleksey Gorbunov in Le Bureau, French TV Series.

    Sunday, April 24th, 2022

    Aleksey Gorbunov and Sara Giraudeau who played a Seismologist and agent. In the series, she visited Ukraine in an episode from The Bureau.

  • Concert.UA – Alexey Gorbunov

    Alexey Gorbunov is a Ukrainian theater and film actor, musician and People’s Artist of Ukraine. As a musician, Alexey writes albums and performs with the group “Sad pilot”.

  • Oleksiy Gorbunov – his wiki.

    He has been named an Honored Artist of Ukraine (1991) and a People’s Artist of Ukraine (2016).

  • (Aleksey Gorbunov as Mikhail Dmitrievich Karlov, and Mathieu Kassovitz on the right – film still from The Bureau)

  • Aleksey Gorbunov also starred with Emir Kustrica in Spy Thriller “Farewell”

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    RIP Jacques Perrin (July 13, 1941-April 21,2022)

    Thursday, April 21st, 2022
  • Jacques Perrin and 1dkael Pauline Kael
    (1977 at Cannes)

    Remembered for Cinema Paradiso, French actor Jacques Perrin died

    Jacques Perrin wiki

    He appeared alongside Claudia Cardinale in the romantic comedy La Ragazza con la valigia and Marcello Mastroianni in Family Diary. He then played several roles in films of Henri-Georges Clouzot (The Truth in 1960) or Mauro Bolognini (Corruption in 1963) and leading roles in four films by Pierre Schoendoerffer : La 317e Section (1965), Le Crabe-tambour (1977), A Captain’s Honor (1982) and Là-haut, un roi au dessus des nuages (2004). He played in two musical movies by Jacques Demy : The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967) and Donkey Skin (1970), both with Catherine Deneuve. He also was the adult Salvatore in the international success Cinema Paradiso.

    In 1966, he won two Best Actor awards at the Venice Film Festival, for the Italian film Almost a Man and the Spanish film The Search.

    At 27, he created a film production company and produced and acted in Z, directed by Costa-Gavras and starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Yves Montand, and Irene Papas. Z received the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1969.

    He produced Costa-Gavras’s films État de Siège (State of Siege) in 1973 and Section spéciale in 1975. Both had political themes, and as a producer, Perrin continued along this path with a documentary on the Algerian uprising (La guerre d’Algérie) and a film on the Chilean presidency of Salvador Allende (La Spirale). In 1973, Perrin produced the first film by Benoît Lamy, Home Sweet Home in which he starred alongside Claude Jade as his love interest. The movie received 14 international awards.

    In 1976, he produced another Oscar-winning film : La Victoire en chantant (Black and White in Color) by director Jean-Jacques Annaud. A year later, he embarked on Le Désert des Tartares as a producer and an actor, co-starring Trintignant again, but also Max von Sydow, Vittorio Gassman and Philippe Noiret. The film won the Grand Prix du Cinéma Français.

    Adieu Catherine Spaak (3 April 1945 – 17 April 2022)

    Monday, April 18th, 2022
  • Adieu Catherine Spaak

    (Catherine Spaak with Vittorio Gassman and Jean Louis Trintignant)
    (Il Sorpasso – directed by Dino Risi)

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    (With Kevin McCarthy in Hotel 1967 movie)

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  • Born in France to a Belgian family, Spaak became famous in Italy as an actress, singer, television presenter and dancer. Two years ago, she had suffered a cerebral haemorrhage. For 15 years, she presented Harem on Rai 3 and was the first presenter of the magazine show Forum.

  • Camille Norment, Oslo Based Sound Artist

    Saturday, April 16th, 2022

    Venice, 27.04.2015. Biennale – Giardini. The artist Camille Norment.

  • Her Studio

  • DIA Projects Camille Norment Plexus Exhibition

  • Adieu Michel Bouquet (6 November 1925 – 13 April 2022)

    Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

  • Michel Bouquet passed away on Maurice Ronet’s birthday (April 13)

    Michel Bouquet BBC Obit

    Michel Bouquet

    He appeared in more than 100 films from 1947 to 2020. He won the Best Actor European Film Award for Toto the Hero in 1991 and two Best Actor Césars for How I Killed My Father (2001) and The Last Mitterrand (2005). He also received the Molière Award for Best Actor for Les côtelettes in 1998, then again for Exit the King in 2005. In 2014, he was awarded the Honorary Molière for the sum of his career. He received the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor in 2018.

  • Pawel Pawlikowski’s Parents & “Cold War”

    Saturday, April 9th, 2022

  • Making Cold War – How Director’s disaster parents became a love story

    Pawlikowski has been trying to tell the story of his parents’ relationship, in one way or another, since he first started making features after an earlier career as a documentarian, although in the past he’s explored it only in the least obvious, most metaphoric sense. Ida, after all, was about a young Polish nun who discovers she’s actually Jewish. His 2004 feature, My Summer of Love, was about lesbian teenagers in an English boarding school (one of them played by a young Emily Blunt). But, until he had a conversation with his friend Alfonso Cuaron, Pawlikowski was unsure about taking on his parents’ 40-year love story in any literal way. “It was too long and messy,” Pawlikowski says of his trepidations. “I didn’t know if I could tell it the way I wanted to.” Cuaron, though (who has his own autobiographical feature out this year, Roma), pushed him to try.

    Pawel Pawlikowski IMDB

    Criterion – Cold War

    Pawel Pawlikowski his early films in England

    With Cold War nominated for major awards at this year’s Baftas and Oscars, the Polish film-maker talks about returning to his homeland, and how a tumultuous family life has made a mark on his work

    (Closing Ceremony – The 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival)

    April 9 – Happy birthday Kristen Stewart!

  • Wittgenstein Plays Chess with Marcel Duchamp

    Wednesday, April 6th, 2022
  • Marjorie Perloff -Marcel Duchamp & Wittgenstein (From Tablet)

    At 90, the poetry critic Marjorie Perloff doesn’t want to analyze verse. She wants to discuss Wittgenstein and Duchamp

  • 1aaageometric-and-topological-data-analysis

    Network of Stoppages

    (Marjolie Perloff on Wittgenstein and Marcel Duchamp)

    Marjorie: They did have a lot in common. They were almost exact contemporaries, you know—only two years apart. Duchamp was born in 1887, and Wittgenstein was born in 1889. And they both had training in engineering and mathematics. They made equations. There’s Duchamp’s Three Standard Stoppages. That is the key work. I really do think so.

  • Wittgenstein Archive

  • Marcel Duchamp Network of Stoppages – 2018