Tibetan Protest

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Photo by Eugene Hoshiko/The Associated Press
Young Tibetan monks asked for a donation as a police car parked to patrol the Tibetan quarter of Chengdu in China, Monday. Scattered protests were said to have continued in ethnic Tibetan communities in numerous Chinese provinces

France raises idea of boycotting Olympics ceremony over Tibet

“The initiative of Reporters Without Borders, which does not have the French government’s support, was made this morning,” Kouchner said. Let’s consider it.”

Tibet’s government in exile says it believes 99 people have been killed in the violence, a figure disputed by the Chinese authorities.

A great video from the Guardian

Ethnic Tibetans on horseback riot in the western Chinese province of Gansu, demanding freedom for their homeland and replacing the Chinese flag with that of the former independent Tibet

Beijing Wide Open – A Tibetan Activist Speaks Out About the Olympics