Visionary Land Artist – Nancy Holt – (1938–2014)

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    Visionary Land Artist, Nancy Holt (1938–2014) dies at 75

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    Just last year Holt received the International Sculpture Center’s lifetime achievement award. At the ceremony, Holt described what being a sculptor meant to her. “When I say sculptor, it is a word I’ve used for myself over the years, and I realize it is the expansive word. If you say you’re a painter, it’s very limited. You are really stuck with your medium. But being a sculptor, you can breathe, you can do conceptual art, you can do video, you can do film, you can do Land Art, you can do installation pieces, you can do traditional sculpture.”

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    Art in America obit

  • “The natural curves can serve as a small amphitheater for events, the side tunnels providing entry to the area.” – Nancy Holt

    Up and Under (fin. Yltä ja Alta)
    Artist: Nancy Holt (USA)
    Location: Sasintie 555, Pinsiö

  • Coexistent – Nancy Holt

    With Smithson , her late husband.

    Nancy Holt – Smithson Monolake

    BENTEN CLAY drives throu NANCY HOLT (youtube)


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