Duncan Hannah – Artist, Underground Film Star (1952-2022)

June 13th, 2022
  • Duncan Hannah (1952-2022) Artforum

    Painter, collagist, and underground film star Duncan Hannah, whose career took him from the sticky floor of CBGB’s to the walls of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, died of a heart attack at his home in West Cornwall, Connecticut, on June 11 at the age of seventy while watching a French film.

    (“Paying tribute to Francois Truffaut in Montmartre Cemetary. ”
    Duncan Hannah wrote on his FB – June 7, 2022,)

  • (Duncan Hannah, Greenwich, CT, ca. 1973. © Danny Fields.)

    Boisterous memoire of 1970’s New York

  • Duncan Hannah Diaries (Basquiat, Books Duncan H. read, etc.)

  • Duncan Hannah blogspot.com
    (Duncan Hannah designed the book cover for John Banville, also see Monica Vitti in green jacket)

  • See paintings by Duncan Hannah – artnet

  • Little Angel

    See more paintings – American Gallery here.
    See portrait of Catherine Spaak from the link above, scroll down. Her obit from vitro nasu here

  • RIP Paula Rego Portuguese born British Artist

    June 8th, 2022
  • Paula Rego Obedience and Defiance

    Paula Rego – Tate

  • It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of the Portuguese-born, British artist Dame Paula Rego at the age of 87. She died peacefully this morning, after a short illness, at home in North London, surrounded by her family. Our heartfelt thoughts are with them. – Victoria Miro.


  • Virginia Overton – Found Objects, Site Specific, Sculptures

    May 20th, 2022

  • Virginia Overton – 2009, Ladder via Artforum – Tim Griffin

    (Virginia Overton, Untitled (MA), 2015, Pressure treated wood beam, acrylic, rock and hardware, 247 × 39.1 × 138.1 cm (97 1/4 × 15 3/8 × 54 3/8 in)

  • Virginia Overtone – at Bartolami Gallery

  • See more art from Artnet.com Virginia Overton

  • Mario Ambrosius Curated Guen Inokuma, Léonard Foujita at Gallery in Ginza

    May 12th, 2022
  • Mario A

    Mario A curated paintings by Léonard Foujita and Guenichiro Inokuma at Chuo Gallery in Ginza

  • Guen I.
    Guen (this is how he signed his art) came to live in Honolulu in the mid 70’s after he suffered a stroke in NYC. He lived in Japan in the Summer and the Winter in Honolulu. Guen became a mentor to my sister Fung-Ching Kelling during his stays in Honolulu.

    (My sister Fung Ching Kelling sitting in front. Fung Lin Hall (myself) on the right of Guen Inokuma)

  • In My Resume (youtube only in Japanese)

    .. Inokuma and Foujita shared a house when they escaped wartime Paris. He talked about how Foujita bought the train tickets at the train station (today Musee d`Orsay) and that he only took a Matisse painting and left everything else in Paris. They stayed in the countryside more than month living in the same house.
    He showed us a special spot that Isamu Noguchi loved on the island of Oahu and showed us the beauty of natural rocks.
    In NY Guen Inokuma (sensei) and his wife Fumiko took my sister and I to Mark Rothko’s apartment and told us what he knew of Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. Yoko Ono and Isamu Noguchi were his good friends.

    Painting (via artnet)
    Title : City Composition (3)
    Medium : Oil on Canvas
    Size : 30 x 40 in. / 76.2 x 101.6 cm.
    Year : 1966 –
    Contemporary Japanese Art from the Collection of B.H. Rockefeller

  • Camille Norment, Oslo Based Sound Artist

    April 16th, 2022

    Venice, 27.04.2015. Biennale – Giardini. The artist Camille Norment.

  • Her Studio

  • DIA Projects Camille Norment Plexus Exhibition

  • Bicycle Parking Rack – Spring Nostalgia

    March 30th, 2022
  • Bike Rack Urban Design

  • Alfred Jarry Bike & Mercury Retrograde

  • Graveyard of Over Supplied Bicycles in China

  • <
    (Digital image by Fung Lin Hall)

  • Dan Graham (March 31, 1942 – February 19, 2022)

    February 20th, 2022
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  • Dan Graham obit, Art News

    Dan Graham, Conceptual Artist Who Bent Time and Space, Dies at 79

  • Dan Graham wiki

    Daniel Graham (March 31, 1942 – February 19, 2022[1]) was an American visual artist, writer, and curator.
    Graham grew up in New Jersey. In 1964 he began directing the John Daniels Gallery in New York, where he put on Sol LeWitt’s first one-man show, and in groups shows, exhibited works of Donald Judd, Dara Birnbaum, Dan Flavin, and Robert Smithson. Like these artists, Graham considered himself a writer-artist, publishing essays and reviews on rock music, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s paintings, and Dean Martin’s television show. His earliest work dealt with the magazine page, predating but often associated with Conceptual art. His work often focuses on cultural phenomena, and incorporates photography, video, performance art, glass and mirror structures. He lived and worked in New York City

  • One of a Kind by Donald Graham – Photos (Many photo portraits here)

  • Dan Graham Radically Reworked Perceptions – Interview

  • Best & Worst about Art School by Dan Graham

  • Happy Chinese Lunar Year of the Tiger – 2022

    January 31st, 2022

  • (By Kano Tsunenobu)
    (Scroll down to see the tiger by Hokusai.)

  • Metropolitan Museum Exhibition (January 29, 2022 – January 17, 2023}

  • Cars Without Men – Jan 12, 2022

    January 12th, 2022

  • (Photo by Fung Lin Hall)

  • (それ お 送る – Send it)
    (Photo by Fung Lin Hall)

  • (Photo by Fung Lin Hall – Dec 31,2021)

    Happy birthday Haruki Murakami (Jan 12, 1949)

  • My Poverty Shaped like a Cheescake (A short story by Murakami translated by PeterCat)

  • Cooler than “All About Eve”, Eve Babitz – (1943-2021)

    December 23rd, 2021
  • Eve Babitz (1943-2021) was the author of several books of fiction, including Sex and Rage: Advice to Young Ladies Eager for a Good Time, L.A. Woman.

    ( Eve Babitz, pictured in Ed Ruscha’s “Five 1965 Girlfriends,” from 1970.)
    (Photograph by Julian Wasser / Courtesy of Ed Ruscha)

    Ed and Paul Ruscha on Eve Babitz Death

    HDP: Do you think that she had any influence on you in terms of the evolution of your own art?

    Ed Ruscha: Oh, I guess I’m influenced by everything. There’s nothing that crosses my path that doesn’t influence me in some way or other. Even if I reject it, I’m influenced by it. And, so, sure. I mean, she was a strong figure and I think everybody respected her. All the artists respected her, and and we were curious about her because she was a hot number. She did well with it, you know. (laughs)

  • Eve Babitz on the time She played Chess Nude with Marcel Duchamp

    The only trouble was, I had been taking birth control pills for the first and only time in my life, and not only had I puffed up like a blimp but my breasts had swollen to look like two pink footballs. Plus they hurt. On the other hand, it would be a great contrast—this large, too-LA surfer girl with an extremely tiny old man in a French suit. Playing chess.
    (After I saw the contact sheets, I never took the Pill again.)

  • Rare Interview Eve Babits long sober cool author

    Eve Babits introduced Salvador Dalí to Frank Zappa.

  • A Documentary of Colette Urban, by Katherine Knight

    December 20th, 2021

  • (“Pretend Not to See Me”)

    See the film at Kanopy or here online

    Katherine Knight is a Photographer who directed “Pretend Not to See Me”

    Colette U.

    What does it mean to live on the edge of the country, but at the heart of art?

    At her spectacular oceanfront farm in Newfoundland, performance artist Colette Urban becomes a half woman-half bear, dances a tango while strapped into bungee cords, wheels nonsensical record contraptions and turns herself into a parody of consumer goods.

    “I am timid in the real world. Performance and this idea of disguise are a real comfort to me. I’m not me. I’m someone else once I am in that role of the performer.”

    This is a film about following a dream, having courage and believing in oneself. It’s about embracing risk and sustaining courage through acts of the imagination. It’s an astonishing representation of Colette Urban’s enigmatic art performances set against the rugged beauty of rural Newfoundland

    Art Installations of Estonian artist Katja Novitskova

    December 13th, 2021
  • Katja Novitskova wiki

    Katja Novitskova (born 1984 in Tallinn, Estonia) is an Estonian installation artist. She lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin. Her work focuses on issues of technology, evolutionary processes, digital imagery and corporate aesthetics. Novitskova is interested in investigating how, “media actively redefines the world and culture, and everything”[2] related to art, nature and commerce.

    Her series of installations, pattern of activation

    Novitskova derives patterns from and expresses her works through her archives of online images, in a contemplation of our relationship with our screen based and environmental spaces. Her work is equal parts science, philosophy and an expanded approach to reading visual imagery. A perfect example of this lens is Pattern Of Activation, a series of more than five installations made by the artist over a span of six years. Her visual vocabulary is informed by her study of semiotics, culture, new media arts and graphic design in conversation with her philosophical interests. On the series Pattern Of Activation, Novitskova comments on her anthropologically and ecologically driven exploration, “I have always been interested in deep time loops. If you look at a contemporary object or emotion like an iPhone or our obsession with social media, I am always curious about the deep time origin of that activity and how it connects to our first tools of humanity or the evolutionary structures in our brains and our bodies that enable us to behave how we do today even though today’s world feels so far removed from the ancient times. We are actually really connected to the older generations, it’s not that long ago. I am always trying to be aware of this time thread and how we got here and of course the time scale of the Earth itself and our deep connection to other living creatures on it. From a jellyfish to bacteria, can be seen as a web of connections that is active today but also has this historical connection”.