Kafka Goes to Movies – Hanns Zischler + Wim Wenders + Other Roadside Attractions

Kafka On this day today (Aug 13, 1912)
“On August 13, in the Brod family home, he had met the Berlin office worker Felice Bauer”—read more from Kafka goes to movies by Hanns Zischler here.

Quick note on Hanns Zischler and his book Kafka Goes to Movies.

“For its appreciation, the Süddeutsche Zeitung scores a minor coup. How’s this for a brief bio: “Hanns Zischler has translated Derrida’s Of Grammatology, is researching Kafka and cinema and is an internationally renowned actor – he is currently in Budapest shooting Munich with Spielberg.” In the SZ, he recalls Wenders as a film student before segueing into Im Lauf der Zeit (Kings of the Road).”
The above text via – Wim Wenders turns 60 (greencine daily)

Paris Texas, American Friend, Wings of Desire, Alice in the Cities, what is your favorite Wim Wenders Film?
Mel Gibson who played mutant agent in Wenders’ “Million Dollor Hotel” characterized the film “as boring as a dog’s ass”. Mel’s star power could not rescue this film, nor could not have persuaded me not to see this film. The Germans may accuse Wenders for not being German enough but his heart seems to be in the right place.

(Ibrahim Ferrer who appeared in Wenders film passed away a few days ago.)

Here are some recent roadside attractions I collected:

The Cardinal – Otto Preminger
The Cardinal
The Saul Bass title design collection.(via cinemarati)
There is a priest hiding in the shade on the left, can you see?
Romy Schneider debuted in America with this film.

Christopher Walken for 2008

Antonin Artaud

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