Happy Geta Feet

Two years later we now have this on youtube. (See previous post on this tap dance number)
Only Takeshi would conjur tapdancing with “geta”
They look like tap sandals made to look like geta.

Happy Birthday to “Aniki” Takeshi Kitano and to “Kyoju” Ruichi Sakamoto. (Jan 18, 1947 for Takeshi and Jan 17, 1952 for Sakamoto.)

Found this great clip – Sakamoto channelling Warhol and Steve Reich.

Go to sitesakamoto and click on the moving elegy Bring Them Home. (The Professor is an activist for Peace.)

Nagisa Oshima launched the two of them onto the world stage with “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”, both Kitano and Sakamoto had supporting roles to David Bowie.

Recently Sakamoto composed the filmscore for Tony Takitani. (Youtube trailer is here)