Tie-breaks on Youtube

“You can’t get ready for a match like this. These guys are unique, you know. Every guy in the top 100 is a unique player… It’s all in the mind and all in the moment.” Roger Federer (from U.S.Open: Second Week Report – 3 quarksdaily).

it’s about what you know you will summon from yourself at times of need. Federer’s Mind and Moment (Asad Raza)

Andy Roddick showed up in black outfit to match Roger Federer’s tuxedo outfit. Name the black of each player. How about Black Pearl for Federer and Bunker for Roddick? (Name the color site is fun).

Roddick and Federer US Open 07

Agassi commentary box window “Most world champions have two things they’re the best at — Federer has five.”
Andy was brave, he played his best tennis and lost, a beautiful moment in Tennis history.

Watch the tie- breaks of quality tennis played by Roger and Andy at US Open 07 on youtube here.

Justine Justine Henin  and Roger Federer US Open 07 and Roger

Here is the tie-break of Justine Henin and Serena Williams.

Justine Henin vs Venus Williams on youtube