Michel De Broin

“The moment the object jubilates gush forth its qualities”
—Francis Ponge

Michel De Broin works in Montreal and Berlin’

Questions and answers via artnet de

(5) What is the purpose of your art?
As a strategy, I often intensify the function to show its absurdity, but I see art as what frees itself from any function or intension.
(7) What does your art change?
Change is understood as something positive, but we should consider that what we call change as a natural process participates in a progressive and irreversible degradation of resources, slowly forwarding us to an inexorable end. In that sense it is probably better to not be held responsible for too much change.

Pedal car meets the law in Canada, video on youtube here

the case was thrown out. The Shared Propulsion Car was deemed nothing more than a glorified bike with a roof. (Pedal car not guilty)

See Lost Object and a hilarious video Inside Out

When a visitor penetrates into the space, the latex form retracts and hide into the wall like an improbable animal.

Black Whole Conference consists of 72 chairs 400cm in diameter.