Roman Polanski – 2014

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    Happy birthday.. Roman Polanski is 81 years old. (2014)

  • Bitter Moon + Polanski’s first film here. (Fun trailers)

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    Roman with Gabo (Gabriel Garcia Marquez.)
    They met at Cuban Film Festival in Havana, Cuba, Dec 13, 2002.

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    (Sven Nykvist and Polanski filming The Tenant)

    Mr. Polanski also has a gifted collaborator in Sven Nykvist, the cinematographer whose camera plays the role of narrator, directing our attention to curious details, offering humble asides, as 19th-century authors once felt free to do without embarrassment or excuse. (via)

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    (On the set of “Carnage”)

    On Roman Polanski Christoph Waltz said.

    I spent three fabulous months with Roman. I like his directness and sharp, sarcastic sense of humor. His precision in moviemaking is beyond words. He’s a grand master, even though he is one of the short guys. My view of him is tolerant and understanding of the man he is today.