The World of Satyajit Ray – Mini Retrospective- May 2, 2015

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    Charulata (youtube)

  • 20 films directed by Satyajit Ray – see photos slideshow here.

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    Ray (on the right) with a cinematographer Soumendu Roy here.

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    Childhood days

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    Encounter with Jean Renoir

    Of all the films of Renoir, Ray admired La Regle du Jeu the most, a personal favorite of Renoir himself. Regarding filmmaking Renoir said that a filmmaker need not show a lot of things in a film but to show only the right things. Ray diligently followed the same advice that Renoir offered him in 1952: “You don’t have to have too many elements in a film, but whatever you use must be the right elements, the expressive elements.” From Renoir, Ray learnt that there was nothing more important to a film than the emotional integrity of human relationship in the film.

    Western Influences on Satyajit Ray

  • Satyajit Ray with Ravi Shankar