Passing of William T Wiley, A Founder of Funk Art, An Educator, Integral to Bay Area

  • (This is Just a Test, 1972)

    Artist/sculptor William Wiley as he appeared in an interview at his Woodacre, Calif. studio with the San Francisco Chronicle on Jan. 8, 1996.


    Willism Wiley a Founder of Funk Art & Art Teacher has died aged 83

    As a UC Davis graduate student, Bruce Nauman was among the young artists whom Wiley took under his wing, and the two would become close friends who frequently pushed each other to explore the outer limits of their creative capabilities.

    “He was a wonderful spirit and I watched his work from the beginning when he was an Abstract Expressionist painter,” Thiebaud, who is now 100, told The Chronicle in a phone interview. “We disagreed all the time and still liked each other. He was a real gentleman and a lovely person.”

    Passing of William T Wiley (Art News)

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