PoMo Kabuki

Kabuki Player Hiroshi Watanabe Susumu Takagi as Matsuomaru

The above photo by Hiroshi Watanabe
More for Hiroshi here.

While Hiroshi Watanabe is traditional and respectful of old custums and traditions, now we shift our attention to a Choreographer who is contemporary and daring in her approach to tradition and craft.
Yasuko Yokoshi mixes a Kabuki-and-Carver cocktail

Shuffle <> <> Yasuko Yokoshi Yasuko Yokoshi

Born in Hiroshima Yasuko Yokoshi is fearlessly idiosyncratic.

She is a huge fan of Raymond Carver.
In this in depth interview she revealed how she ripped off Yasujiro Ozu “Tokyo Story’ for one of her dance sequences.

Travel Theory – Baka (baka; meaning idiot, stupid or fool in Japanese) Yoko’s old work.

“Inspired lunatics who work together and leave few of today’s icons unassaulted.” (Yasuko Yokoshi and Gonnie Heggen: Royal Madness at the Kitchen).


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