Two Youtube Glimpses of Bela Tarr

If you’ve come this far – that is, deep within the information portals of cinema – there’s still a good chance you’ve never seen a Béla Tarr film. (Hope Deep Within – by Gabe Klinger, Senses of Cinema)

Werckmeister Harmonies,The melancholy of resistence, from Kinoeye.

The setting is a provincial town cut off by ice, but there are also unclear rumours of events to come—this time robbery, violence and maybe apocalypse. A travelling circus comes to town offering to exhibit the biggest whale in the world, accompanied by a mysterious and uncontrollable figure referred to as “the prince,” who has the capacity to attract violent followers and whose presence alone is sufficient to trigger his policies of destruction.

From Interview with Bela Tarr , not surprisingly Bela Tarr mentioned Robert Bresson, Ozu, Fassbinder and Cassavattes as masters who influenced him.