R.I.P Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth MurrayElizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray, 1940-2007

Elizabeth Murray

Obit from Libby and Newsgrist here.

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A Trubute to Elizabeth Murray (Brooklyn Rail)
(Robert Gober was her assistant!)

Elizabeth and I both taught a lot in those days, and over the years we talked a lot about how to teach. Without question, the best place that Elizabeth and I taught in the later ’70s was CalArts, mostly because of John Baldessari—an early feminist himself!
I want to say what a terrific teacher Elizabeth always was and why I think she was so good. First of all, Elizabeth had such a strong inner core of certainty, a moral compass, and a very large view of art. She had a William James-ian American pragmatist acceptance and belief in the realities of her own experience. (Ellen Phelan)

“It also didn’t hurt when she told me that I shouldn’t be afraid to make very beautiful paintings, that I shouldn’t hold back. I very much liked her.” (A comment from Doug, via Rob Mattew blog.)