Bruce Conner Without End

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  • The great collage artist and accidental avant-garde father of found-footage, Bruce Conner died July 7th 2008. His legacy in Library of Congress and in collections among major art institution the world over. But long before he certainly had been immortalized on YouTube, and that of course bears an amusing double-irony. Some might interpret it as “giving back” others as “stealing from a thief”.

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    The above images from Susan Inglett Gallery and Paule Anglim

    Blessing Angel by Bruce Conner – 12 more angels to click through (via Life on Mars)
    The Sound of Two Hand Angel. (This angel appeared on NYtimes obit )

    Various works by B. C from Kohn Gallery

    Bruce Conner and his poet friend had a lovely adventure by calling up Robert Motherwell from a phone book.
    (Read more here, an obit by Leah Garchick.)

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