Body, Landscape and Questions

Levi van Blevin

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In the case of the series The Material Transfer, all works were completed and photographed within a time frame of 24 hours and without any digital manipulation. Giving familiar elements such as cheap carpet, pebble stones and sterling wood a new context results in a confusing conflict between the objects normal associations and the new values assigned to it in the works. Levi van Veluw interrogates the attributes of daily life. (Hildamagazine)

Lenka Clayton was born in England in 1977 in a small village and grew up by the sea. She works as an artist and documentary maker and more often in the area inbetween.
Lenka’s work sets out to examine and question the naturally occurring order of things using organising systems and interventions to disrupt accepted modes of language and patterns of behaviour. She is interested in our shared experience of the judgements we derive from the authority of language. In the way we understand the world through documentation and how once produced that document becomes a shorthand for the original event. And in the simple question how do we live and why? (Hilda magazine)

teeth Teeth by Lenka Clayton

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    Janaina Tschäpe (Blood and Sea)

    Janaina Tschäpe is a visual artist working with video and photography for her installations. She was born in Munich, Germany but grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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