Tsuyoshi Shirai – Dance/Visual from Japan

Wani Ballet (Crocodille Ballet)

See Theco (youtube dance clip by Tsuyoshi Shirai)

The Dancer 1Tsuyoshi Shirai- (via Shift)

Interview with Tsuyoshi Shirai

TSUYOSHI SHIRAI is a dancer, choreographer and founder of the Contemporary Dance Group daneto, which performs dance, music and video works. The groups performances, which feature collaboration with contemporary music and a wide range of artists, have been well received both at home and abroad.
In 2004, Shirai performed the solo work “mass, slide, &.” In 2011, he created and presented a new visual work based on “mass, slide, &.” called “mass, slide, &. in frames” at YCAM. He has been trying many new things not only showing his visual works on the web but also make all materials downloadable. He describes this new creation as “dance as a visual work.” We asked Shirai to explain his views on the difference between theatrical and video works.