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R.I.P Paul Mazursky – Unique & Personal Filmmaker died at 84 – Vitro Nasu

R.I.P Paul Mazursky – Unique & Personal Filmmaker died at 84

  • 1enemiesLenaOLin
    Lena Olin was heartbreaking and ferocious..she won New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress. Enemies, A Love Story.. one of Paul Mazursky’s great films.

  • Click to see large 1ePaulMazurskyr via
    NYtimes obit:Paul Mazursky Director Who Captured a Changing America

    Paul Mazursky dies at 84

  • 1alanbatesUnmarried
    Abstract expressionist panter Paul Jenkins did the paintings for the Unmarried Woman.

  • 1abMoscowHudson
    Robin Williams had to learn to play Sax and Russian language. (Moscow to Hudson – Robin’s obit here)

  • Mazursky on actors talking about actorsand his first film (youtube)

  • A link to a video of Paul Mazursky and Mel Brooks discussing Hitler is on this page here..

  • h/t to Patrick Morell

  • Critical wire on Paul Mazursky

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