RIP Ed Moses – LA Painter (April 9, 1926 – January 17, 2018)

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    Ed Moses, Bronco (2002)
    Photo: Courtesy of William Turner Gallery.

    Ed Moses (LA times Obit)


    Nambo Panel (See his art)

    Artnet News

    1. On freedom:
    “The rational mind constantly wants to be in charge. The other parts want to fly. My painting is the encounter between the mind’s necessity for control and its yearning to fly, to be free from our ever-confining skull.”

    2. On Buddhism:
    “I’ve been student of Buddhism since 1960. And of course it interfaces how I behave, how I think, how I perceive.”

    3. On inspiration:
    “I’m never inspired. I’m obsessed. And I look forward every day to paint.”

    4. On the Ferus Gallery:
    “This group of artists that hung out at Ferus Gallery, we all had an arrogance that we were the best, and all of the other artists in this town were on an old boat, and they had better get on a fast plane with us. We outshone them all; we out grew them all.”

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    Ed Moses belonged to the generation of artists called the cool school, whose philosophy was to perceive painting and drawing as a long-lasting process of personal development. Moses’ pieces are somewhere in between semi-representational and abstract, they contain a lot of patterns and geometric shapes, which are partially inspired by the Native Indian tradition.