Goodbye Gloria Vanderbilt, See Photos by Gordon Parks

  • Gloria Vanderbilt
    Photo by Gordon Parks

  • How race is lived in America: Relations of Gordon Parks and Gloria

    Vanderbilt: I was just actually looking in my diary, and Gordon and I met in April of 1954, and he came to photograph me for Life magazine. I was making my debut on the stage that summer.

    Parks: Then later, when you had your exhibition, I came to photograph you again.

    American photographer Richard Avedon (left, lighting a cigarette), American heiress and designer Gloria Vanderbilt, and American film director Sidney Lumet, sit at a table covered with glasses and bottles during a party for the premiere of the movie ‘East of Eden’ directed by Elia Kazan, 1955. (Photo by Getty Images)


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  • Gloria V and Sidney Lumet

    Gordon Parks photographed Gloria and Sidney Lumet on their wedding day, August 28, 1956.