RIP Eliseo Mattiacci (1940–2019) – Associated with Art Povera

  • Artforum obit

    Eliseo Mattiacci, the Italian postwar artist who over the course of his five-decade career created sculptures that grapple with the mysteries of the cosmos, died in Pesaro, Italy, on August 26.

    Eliseo Mattiacci via Apollo Magazine – obit

    Eliseo Mattiacci (1940–2019) | The Italian sculptor Eliseo Mattiacci, who was closely associated with Arte Povera, died on 26 August at the age of 78. Born in Cagli, Mattiacci studied at the Istituto di Belle Arti, graduating in 1959 before moving to Rome. Known for his large-scale abstract compositions, Mattiacci created sculptures and installations investigating humanity’s relationship with our environments and our place in the cosmos.

  • See a fabulous slide show photos of his outdoor sculptures in Florence.

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