“No Sun in Venice” “Venus Institute” – Adieu Robert Hossein + RIP Joan Micklin Silver

  • French actor and director Robert Hossein dies aged 93 (Euro Weekly obit)

    (No Sun in Venice – 1957 directed by Roger Vadim. )
    Robert Hossein wiki

    Robert Hossein died of COVID-19, on 31 December 2020, one day after his 93rd birthday.

  • Milt Jackson was born on January 1. 1923.
    Bags Groove Milt Jackson (previous post – listen to the Golden Striker, another composition by John Lewis for the film “No Sun in Venice”)

  • Robert Hossein and Audrey Tatou

    Robert Hossein filmography

  • Joan Micklin Silver,‘Crossing Delancey’ Director, Dies at 85

    Joan Micklin Silver also directed “Hester Street” and “Chilly Scenes of Winter”.

    (John Heard and Mary Beth Hurt, or Mrs Paul Schrader)
    Chilly Scenes of Winter (based on Anne Beattie’s Novel)

  • Film Comment article, Stronger Together

    Joan Micklin Silver portrays working women in stories of independence and solidarity that quietly defy convention