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Issey Miyake (22 April 1938 – 5 August 2022) – Vitro Nasu

Issey Miyake (22 April 1938 – 5 August 2022)

  • Issey Miyake an influential Japanese fashion designer, dies aged 84.

    BBC – see his fashion in pictures

  • Issey Miyake collaborated with the performance artist.. see him upside down wrapped in something.

  • (Joni Mitchell has been championing Issey Mayake for years.)

  • (Issey Miyake, 1982 Spring-Summer Collection, rattan bodice and nylon polyester skirt. The rattan is split, colored, and polished. It has been formed to follow the line of the body and bamboo has been woven in to hold the curve in place, and prevent the rattan from separating. Produced with the collaboration of the bamboo artist Kosuge Shochikudo. Photo: Eiichiro Sakata.)

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