How I Won The War and The Straight Story – Expose’ On This Inauguration Day

There are an unusual concentration of great filmmakers born between January 18 and January 22. Yesterday was the birthday of this director who made “How I Won the War”,”Hard Day’s Night” and here he is interviewed by Steven Soderbough.

There are two filmmakers who share a birthday today, Jan. 20. This one came out with a bang with “La Dolci Vita”. “The White Sheik” who loves circus, prostitutes, nuns and made “8 1/2”, but does he love the “The Clowns” who are in Washington today? More about him here and a great interview here.

The other one who shares the birthday happens to love 8 1/2, find it here. More about his films, paintings, photographs here. The lit-zine The Modern Word took an exception and discussed Mullholland Drive, here.
Here is The Straight Story, tell it like it is.

“It’s a Sad and Beautiful World “, a web site dedicated to the innovative filmmaker who was born on Jan. 22 1953.

Lastly, Audrey Hepburn who appeared in “Robin and Marian” by Richard Lester died on Jan. 20 1993.