Celebrate Life with Louise Bourgeois – Dec 25, 2005

Happy Birthday!
Louise Bourgeois is 94 years old today. Her rap was a big hit among my friends when we celebrated her birthday last year.

Passionate LouiseLouis Bourgeois (via)

From Cut in Two:
A Conversation Between Louise Bourgeois and Cheryl Kaplan.
“Bourgeois’ sculptures and installations use hooks, guillotines and sculptural incisions as flaying devices related to a disruptive past. Bourgeois uses events she saw as a young girl during and after WWI when large numbers of men returned from battle as amputees. Body parts are frequently the subject of her work. ”

The Walters Art Museum and the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore will present Louise Bourgeois: Femme, an exploration of the artist Louise Bourgeois’ fascination with the female form through a groundbreaking “intervention,” on view Feb. 11 through May 21, 2006 at both museums.

Louise as beast Louis Bourgeois 2
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