Y Tu MoMa También

Looking at Flavin’s neon wall sculpture Flavin

Two ravers who came home from a club and decided to take more ecstacy. after a walk in the park, they found the museum. They are both dancing to the same album on their headphones (Beaucoup Fish by Underworld) but are slightly out of synch. Dan Flavin’s work looks brilliant on drugs, they both think. The Backstory of Minimoma -Drawing-Animation 2000, Minimoma by Craig Robinson

Looking at Looking at Martin Puryear by Fung Lin Hall wall sculpture by Martin Puryear.

The above photo was taken at DC Hirshhorn Museum long long ago.
This photo was incorporated in my Post Mutant Eggplant index page. If you were the girl with a great t-shirt looking at Martin Puryear thanks for being there that day. (I will not make up your background story.)

Martin Puryear:Thirty Year Retrospective, at the MoMA

The above clip was recorded by James Kalm.

Coming upon sculptures by Martin Puryear is always an arresting pleasure. – Peter Schjeldahl (Seeing Things – the New Yorker)

Here is another short clip on youtube from Nebraska, showing a piece by Puryear called a Nightmare.

Puryear is certainly one of my contemporary heroes.
I got to meet him a few years back at Penland. He seemed like a really gentle soul with little pretense. (A note from Robert Gardner, the Asheville Glass master.)

And one more see Dennis Kucinich and his wife (Minipops by Craig Robinson).