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Robert Gardner at his studio
Robert Gardner at his studio (Image source)

Robert’s studio is becoming a school.

Since its inception the studio has primarily been a working artists studio but it is now moving towards becoming the regions first public access school for glass. With an initial offering of classes for the fall of 2007, the studio will shift its focus from a private workplace to a public access educational facility. (Via)

For advancing glass education in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Online registration here ( One day intros, two day intensives and six week classes, are programmed around your busy schedule.)
The next class coming up is Beginner’s Hotshop: Dates: Nov. 14, 21, 28, Dec. 5, 12, 19

To Europeans and Asians who might be reading this blog may I suggest a great vacation blowing glass in Asheville. (Dollars are shrinking everyday.)

Offering Robert Gardner Glass Work

My good friend Robert has been maintaining this studio in the heart of Asheville’s River Arts District since 1997. He was from Miami Beach, he was a film student at the San Francisco Art Institute when this blogger lived in Orinda. (We were friends in Miami before our California days. ) Robert loves cooking Thai food. If you were his friend he would drag you to Burmese restaurant in SF or NYC with him. (Is there a Burmese restaurant in Asheville?)

Robert Gardner Glass Work In God We Trust
(“Actually this one is sold, but as a series of say 100, I’d be happy to make more.” -via email Robert G. You can re-title the piece as “The Book Ends”)

<>Robert Gardner Glass sculpture Apples and Cradle

This article talks about his piece “Harness”.

“Everything can be seen in two’s…”

More pieces from Portals (Chicago)

<><>Robert Gardner Glass sculpture Stirrup