Richard Hamilton Brit Pop Visonary R.I.P

Richard Hamilton, the original pop artist, dies at 89 : Driven by intellect and political belief, Hamilton created undying icons of the modern world

In in 1952, Richard Hamilton was introduced to the Green Box notes of Marcel Duchamp through Roland Penrose. (Roland Penrose later became a husband of Lee Miller)

Richard designed the Beatles “White Album”

Hamilton said he was “surprised how little” he was paid for the cover – only 200 pounds.
“I thought that was a bit mean,” he said.

Richard Hamilton’s Ulysses Illustrations

<> 1richhamilton-picasso-s-meninas-1973
Picasso’s Meninas by Richard Hamilton

Adonis in Y Front

Shock and Awe 2007
The British Visionary
Richard Hamilton has a new show at the Serpentine, but the Pop Art pioneer’s fame has never matched his extraordinary influence.