Fall Film Notes – Shame & Faust

Shame !ShameFassbender

Fassbender, who also stars in this fall’s sexually themed psychoanalysis drama “A Dangerous Method” as Carl Jung, won an acting prize at the Venice Film Festival this weekend for “Shame.”
Despite the overt sexuality, Fassbender said the movie is in many ways a critique of our hyper-sexed era. ” (via)

Fassbender talks about John Cazales and his love of American films of the 70’s (youtube).
Fassbender was amazing in “Hunger’ also directed by Steve McQueen… appeared in “Angel” by Fracois Ozon and “Jane Eyre”

Faust won the best film at Venice –

The film is the final part in a series of films where Alexander Sokurov explores the corrupting effects of power. The previous installments are three biographical dramas: about Adolf Hitler in Moloch from 1999, Vladimir Lenin in Taurus from 2001, and the Japanese emperor Hirohito in The Sun from 2005. (Faust wiki)

In One Breathe – the making of the Russian Ark is on youtube. (A breathtaking achievement..more fun to see this than the actual film).

Part II <> <> Part III <> <> Part IV <> <> Part V

Wilt Stillman of Metropolitan and Barcelona..Damsels in Distress..

director’s first in 12 years, tells the story of three young girls trying to change life at an American university.