Adieu Claude Miller

Claude Miller 1942-2012
(image source via MUBI)

The typical Miller film has a central figure under a lot of pressure, either self-imposed or coming from others. His is a cruel universe, created with great sensitivity and handled with astonishing ease, fluidity and economy.”

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I am glad my mother is alive – trailer here

Mr. Rottiers’s strong, un-showy performance suggests that the circumstances of Thomas’s parentage can’t be blamed entirely for his troubles; they may go deeper. One of the film’s strengths is its detached, even-handed view of someone whose turbulence and fits of rage are ultimately inexplicable, as is often the case in real life. (NYtimes film review)

Alias Betty – very entertaining film

  • The Best Way – his debut film to world of cinema, a challenging subject on transgender.

  • Two films with Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Full film No subtitles Script by Jacques Audiard

    The Accompanist <>

  • The Secret <> <> – his personal film