The Idea of Glenn Gould – From Russia with Love

  • Gould’s 1957 trip to the Soviet Union, when he became, at age 24, the first North American to perform behind the Iron Curtain
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    Describing Gould’s 1957 tour of the Soviet Union, Russian conductor and pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy recalled: “He was unbelievable… deliberately playing certain music not often heard in the Soviet Union. The [concert] hall was half empty. [Gradually] people started going to the telephones…. By the second half, the hall was filled. It was like a Martian coming to earth. In Leningrad, [they] ignored fire regulations and allowed 1,100 standees. If anyone fainted, there was nowhere to fall. They listened as if their lives depended on it.” ( A Life of Music and Love)

    Glenn Herbert Gould (September 25, 1932 – October 4, 1982)

  • Glenn in Love?

    The enigma
    “I think there were a lot of misconceptions about Glenn and it was partly because he was so very private. But I assure you, he was an extremely heterosexual man. Our relationship was, among other things, quite sexual.”
    (Cornelia Foss )
    Inner Life of Glenn Gould (Youtube documentary)

    Cornelia Foss beach painting

    Her paintings here.

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