In the Realm of Nagisa Oshima – Jan 15 2013

NYtimes Obit…Nagisa Oshima dies aged 80.

“Nothing that is expressed is obscene. What is obscene is what is hidden.” Nagisa Oshima (NYtimes)

  • (Nagisa Oshima, Edinburgh, August 21, 1983. Photo: Steve Pyke)

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    Oshima was born in Kyoto (Variety)

    In 1983, Oshima returned to Cannes with “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence,” A WWII P.O.W. camp drama based on the experiences of writer Laurens van der Post, the pic starred Tom Conti, David Bowie, composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (who also supplied the soundtrack music) and helmer-to-be Takeshi Kitano as a brutal camp guard.

    David Bowie and Nagisa 1abowieNagisa

    Nagisa Oshima

    Nagisa Oshima launched Ryuichi Sakamoto and Takeshi Kitano onto the world stage with “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”, both Kitano and Sakamoto had supporting roles to David Bowie. (see more images -scroll down Gohatto)

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    “Death by Hanging” (1968), about a Korean man sentenced to death for rape and murder, addresses the prejudicial treatment of the Korean minority in Japan. (NYtimes)

    Hideo Obara

    When I was a college student, I went to see the film directed by Nagisa Oshima “KOSYUKEI(Death by hanging)” . After the film screening, Mr. Oshima appeared, and debated with audiences. There was a young man asked a question to Mr. Oshima. Then, Mr. Oshima, answered “Stupid!”. When the young man asked “What? Is it stupid? What do you mean?” Mr. Oshima shouted in a loud voice “I said just You are stupid!” and Mr. Oshima went away and left the hall quickly.
    He was always angry in front of the media. I think the “energy of anger” become the source of his works. He was always angry, however, people say that he had never even once a fight with his wife.