Richard Wright – Haikus

Richard Wright photo by Gordon Parks

  • Native Son Screen test Richard Wright as Bigger Thomas (youtube)

  • Documentary of his life (youtube) I & II

  • Haiku: This Other World (1998)by Richard Wright

  • I am nobody:
    A red sinking autumn sun
    Took my name away.

  • I give permission
    For this slow spring rain to soak
    The violet beds.

  • With a twitching nose
    A dog reads a telegram
    On a wet tree trunk.

  • Burning autumn leaves,
    I yearn to make the bonfire
    Bigger and bigger.

  • A sleepless spring night:
    Yearning for what I never had
    And for what never was.

  • In a drizzling rain,
    In a flower shop’s doorway,
    A girl sells herself

  • A slow autumn rain:
    The sad eyes of my mother
    Fill a lonely night.